is a boutique law firm with focus on contracts, finance, liability and criminal law. We advise, support and litigate the matters of our customers in a sophisticated, time- and cost-effient manner.

The Experience

We mainly practice in the three areas contracts and finance, liability and criminal law, disputes and litigation.

Contracts and Finance

Contracts of any kind are one of our core compentences. -- We draw up, negotiate and enforce them for you. For more than a decade, we have gathered profound experience in banking and finance as well as real estate legal matters, not only with regard to contracts and breaches of contract, but also with regard to regulatory and criminal matters of law.

Liability and (Penal Law-) Defence

Has one of your businesses gone south? -- We support and advice entrepreneurs, service providers and individuals and defend them in liability and ("white collar"-) criminal cases. We also protect your interests if you are affected by a criminal offence. Further, we conduct investigations. For prevention purposes, we also advise decision-makers (such as board members and directors).

Disputes and Litigation

Do you have a claim, but the counterparty is not willing to give in? -- We are happy to take over. We support you in the enforcement of your claim: first, if appropriate, in an out-of-court dialogue; second, if need be, at the court. We assist and represent you during the whole court proceedings.

The Lawyer

Jean-Marc Schaller
Prof. Dr. iur.

  • since 1 Jan 22: lawyer/partner at ""
    2022: founding ""
    since 2016: Associate Professor (Zurich University)
    2015: Partner (Law Firm in Zurich)
    2010: Senior Lecturer (Zurich University)
    since 2009: Lawyer
    2005: Law Clerk (District Court Zurich)
    2004: PhD (University of Zurich/magna-cum-laude)
    2002: Master of Law (University of Zurich/magna-cum-laude)
CV and publication list available on request

Jean-Marc Schaller, also known under the acronym "JMS", is one of the most experienced Swiss financial litigation lawyers. Besides, he is associate professor for Private Law and Banking Law at University of Zurich. His know-how is based on several hundreds of cases where he has anticipated essential legal issues and has therefore been able to successfully advise, negotiate and litigate. JMS fully commits to his clients' matters whilst providing support and advice in a time- and cost-efficient manner. In his function as associate professor, he strives for a practice-related teaching. Jean-Marc inter alia speaks German, English and French.

The Firm GmbH
Goldbacherstrasse 12
8700 Küsnacht-Zürich

+41(0) 44 912 07 07

The Firm is located nearby the "Goldbach-Chimney" and in walking distance to the Goldbach train station. A parking slot is available at the firm.

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